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ICT in Agribusiness Conference
23rd-24th November, 2016, Hotel Aleksandar Palace, Skopje, Macedonia

We have the pleasure to inform you that the ICT in Agribusiness Conference, was held during 23rd-24th November, 2016 in hotel Aleksandar Palace, Skopje, Macedonia, organized by the ICT Chamber of Commerce MASIT together with ProCredit Bank and AgFutura. The Conference was sponsored by Makedonski Telekom, Datalab, GDI Gisdata Skopje, Neocom, ASI, Elikosoft and Stobi and supported by the USAID REG Project and IME Project.



This year’s conference was organized with the aim to gather the players from both the ICT and Agribusiness sector in order to present the trends in both of the two sectors, identify potential for cooperation between the players in the two sectors, exchange of expertise and best practices, as well as to facilitate the matchmaking and encourage mutual cooperation.





Initiating the dialog between the ICT and Agribusiness communities has always been a tough challenge! This year MASIT with its partners and collaborators managed to facilitate this dialog through the MASIT’s annual Conference. The fundamental questions how the two industries can be bridged closer were raised and discussed. Platform for open discussion between the sectors was enabled so the benefits of implementing ICT solutions become more clear and acceptable for the audience. Main players of both industries were present, accompanied by the representatives from the Government, Academia and donor community. Success stories, booths and demo solutions were brought in the conference space so real feel of the existing cooperation between the sectors is provided at a glance. Lastly, B2B meetings were organized so that the members of the ICT and Agribusiness communities entered into direct discussions and possible solutions of everyday challenges of farmers.

CONFERENCE CONCLUSIONS - The conference conclusions document will be published soon.
LIST OF PARTICIPANTS - Here you can see the list of participants on the conference

CONFERENCE PHOTOS - The conference photos will can be found on the following link: (use the password: palace2324)



CONFERENCE AGENDA - view the agenda in pdf - English version / Macedonian version

PRESENTATIONS - Download all presentations

By clicking on the links in the agenda below, you can find the speakers short biographies and photos as well as the conference presentations in pdf. 

Day 1 – 23.11.2016


09:00 - 09:30               Registration of participants



09:30 - 10:30               OFFICIAL OPENING


Why dealing with the issue of “ICT in Agribusiness”?



Mr. Goran Poposki, President, MASIT, Macedonia


Ms. Marta Arsovska-Tomovska, Minister of Information Society and Administration, Government of the Republic of Macedonia

Ms. Emilija Spirovska, Managing Board Member, ProCredit Bank, Macedonia 


Mr. Blagoja Mukanov M.Sc., Managing Director, AgFutura Technologies, Macedonia  - PRESENTATION




10:30 - 11:00               Coffee break/ Exhibition


Reconnect with friends and peers, reflect on inspirations and ideas, and visit vendor demonstrations.


11:00 - 12:00               ICTs in Agribusiness– The global macro and business micro perspective


Moderator: Ms. Anita Nikova M.Sc., Executive Director, MASIT


Development and adoption of ICTs in the agricultural sector requires multilevel approach: business governmental, civil and academic sector. It is crucial to understand the role of each of these actor into creating an enabling environment for the development and implementation of ICTs in the agricultural sector and rural areas.


Ms. Nevena Alexandrova-Stefanova PhD, Agricultural Research and Biotechnology Officer, UN FAO - PRESENTATION

How ICT can solve today’s global challenges in the agricultural sector: FOOD SECURITY, FOOD SAFETY, and CLIMATE CHANGE? The situation of ICTs in Agribusiness in developed vs. developing countries. Key elements in creating enabling environment for development and adoption of ICTs in the agribusiness.


Mr. Henk Hogeveen PhD, Professor Animal Health Management, Wageningen University - PRESENTATION

ICTs in the Agribusiness and its role in increasing productivity, quality, competitiveness of agricultural production, and achieving higher profits. Understanding the connection between ICTs, data and higher profits.


Mr. Grigoris Chatzikostas M.Sc., Innovation and Business Development Manager, BioSense Institute - PRESENTATION

How to enter the market? Where ICTs companies should focus? Understanding the potentials of developing and implementing ICTs in the agribusiness and the business opportunities derived from it.




12:00 - 13:00               Enabling environment ICTs in Agriculture – Panel Discussion


Moderator: Mr. Blagoja Mukanov M.Sc., Managing Director, AgFutura Technologies


The importance of having a Strategy for E-Agriculture and its role in the process of incorporating ICTs in every aspect of the National Agricultural Complex. What are the main institutional challenges regarding ICTs in Agriculture? What are the needs for the ICT sector to enter the market? The role academia in the process of “feeding” the ICT system in Agriculture. ICTs for enhancing the agricultural education and agricultural extension. How agricultural producers perceive ICTs? Is ICTs in Agricultural considered as an asset to achieving higher productivity, quality, and competitiveness thus a tool for achieving higher profits? Are there enough funds to support implementation of ICT?


Panel discussion participants:

1. Ms. Nevena Alexandrova-Stefanova PhD, Agricultural Research and Biotechnology Officer, UN FAO 

2. Mr. Grigoris Chatzikostas M.Sc., Innovation and Business Development Manager, BioSense Institute

3. Mr. Dejan Shishkovski M.Sc., Special advisor to the Minister for information technology, Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water Economy

4. Mr. Ivan Chorbev PhD, Dean, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FINKI), University of Ss. “Cyril and Methodius”

5. Mr. Andrej Mertelj, CEO, Datalab Tehnologije, Slovenia

6. Mr. Nikola Derebanov, General Manager, Permindeks



13:00 - 14:00               Lunch Break / Exhibition


Reconnect with your friends and peers, reflect on inspirations and ideas, and visit vendor demonstrations.




14:00 - 15:00               Time for the most successful ones



ProCredit Bank recognized and awarded the most successful innovative companies in Macedonia - PRESENTATION


- Kadino Industry Group

- Anthura MK

- European Plants

- Agrofila




15:00 - 15:15               Stand-up coffee break


Reconnect with your friends and peers, reflect on inspirations and ideas, and visit vendor demonstrations.




15:15 - 17:15               ICTs for higher profits – Case Studies


Moderator: Ms. Elena Petrushevska, Executive Assistant, MASIT


            Presentation of ICT solutions in Agriculture


PA Farming Fruits - practical, usable, focused on profit”, Mr. Vasko Lazarov, Datalab Macedonia and Mr. Damir Lučić, Datalab Slovenia - PRESENTATION


“Connecting bee keepers and growers”, Mr. Djordje Djokic, Marketing Manager, BEEWEB, Serbia - PRESENTATION


Honey Traceability Program”, Mr. Aleksandar Prelevic, CEO, Jugodata, Montenegro - PRESENTATION


“Integrated ITC Solutions for Agribusiness”, Mr. Ivan Lukic, GDI Zagreb - PRESENTATION


“Smart IT solutions for successful business”, Ms. Katerina Jakova Lazarova M.Sc., Head of software development sector, Elikosoft, Skopje - PRESENTATION



Users cases studies for ICTs in Agriculture 


See and learn from real examples of individual farmers and corporate farms that have invested in ICTs. How did they decided to invest in ICTs? How much they invested? How ICTs change their way of working? What are their returns from the ICTs?


“Case Study for ITCs for irrigation and fertilization in sweet cherry production”, Mr. Gjorgji Naumoski, Sweet Cherry Farm, Ohrid  - PRESENTATION


“Case Study for ICTs for decision support in farm management in organic cereal and vegetable production”, Ms. Suzana Dimitrievska, Organic farm “Lipa”, Sveti Nikole - PRESENTATION



21:00               Networking Cocktail – FORCA BAR (st. Londonska no. 12, Skopje)


All of the conference participants are invited to attend to networking cocktail.




Day 2 – 24.11.2016



09:00 - 10:30               Open Data - Millions of opportunities


Moderator: Mr. Dejan Krstevski, Managing Director, GDI Skopje


Open source data is one of the crucial elements in the enabling environment for development and implementation of ICTs in Agribusiness. What is the current situation regarding open source data in Macedonia? How can open data help ICTs’ development in Ag? What are the existing available tools at the moment?



“GDi in Agriculture”, Mr. Zoran DervisovGDI Skopje, and Mr. Ivan Lukic, GDI Zagreb - PRESENTATION


"ICT in Agribusiness", Mr. Stevko TrajkovskiMakedonski Telekom  - PRESENTATION


“Internet of things (IoT) in NeoCloud”, Mr. Jane Antov, System Integration Executive Manager, Neocom - PRESENTATION


“Digital Soil Map of the Republic of Macedonia”, Mr. Dushko Mukaetov PhD, Institute of agriculture Skopje  - PRESENTATION


“Sharing of Meteorological Data”, Mr. Goran Basovski, Agro-meteorologist, National Hydro Meteorological Service of the Republic of Macedonia  - PRESENTATION


“Weed detection from images and its use in precision agriculture”, Mr. Petre Lameski M.Sc., Research and Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FINKI), University of St. “Cyril and Methodius” - PRESENTATION




10:30 - 11:00               Coffee break


Reconnect with your friends and peers, reflect on inspirations and ideas, and visit vendor demonstrations.



11:00 - 12:30               Access to Finance


Moderator: Mr. Milan Damchevski, Advisor for business clients, ProCredit Bank


Bridging business ideas and interests with today’s funding opportunities is one of the key elements of this conference. We will put special attention on EU funding opportunities (H2020, COSME and other) and the opportunities for financing projects in the area of ICTs for Agricultural. Some of the questions that we will give an answer to, are: What is H2020? How to find and follow H2020 calls for proposals; What type of calls for proposals are interesting for projects in the area of ICT in Agriculture; How can you apply for H2020 calls?; What are the principles of good application for H2020? How to create a consortium for project proposal?


“Bank partner for Your business”, Mr. Milan Damchevski, Advisor for business clients, ProCredit Bank - PRESENTATION


“Agricultural Guarantee Fund”, Ms. Tanja Markovska, Project Management Specialist, Economic Growth Office, USAID Macedonia - PRESENTATION


“KATANA Project”, Mr. Grigoris Chatzikostas M.Sc., Innovation and Business Development Manager, BioSense Institute - PRESENTATION


“Case Study for project application preparation and review of evaluation report”, Mr. Blagoja Mukanov M.Sc., Managing Director, AgFutura Technologies  - PRESENTATION


“Expert Presentation for Horizon 2020 Program”, Mr. Mijalce Santa PhD, Professor, Faculty of Economics, University Ss. “Cyril and Methodius”  - PRESENTATION


“Opportunities for financing innovative projects in agriculture sector through FITR instruments”, Ms. Tanja Ilijevska, Fund for innovations and technology development (FITR) - PRESENTATION




12:30 - 13:30               Lunch




13:30-17:30                 B2B Event


Regional B2B event will be facilitated on the conference.

We invite all the Agribusiness companies prepared to grow quickly, increase their output and become visible on the foreign market, to join the B2B meetings with ICT companies.

If you are interested to participate at the B2B meetings please register at the registration table.


Look at the company profiles of the companies registered for the B2B event (ASI, BalkanTel, Datalab, Elikosoft, GDI Gisdata, Bransys, Morena Inzenjering, Permindex and Hortena)






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