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PhD. Krassen Stanchev, Professor at Sofia University
, CEO of KC 2 Ltd

Krassen Stanchev teaches Public Choice and Macroeconomic Analysis of Politics at Sofia University, plus History of Economic Ideas, Political Economy and Foundations of Economics to humanitarian and political science post-graduate students. He finished St. Petersburg University with a master in Philosophy of Science (1980), and holds a doctoral degree from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1988), then working as an assistant professor in History of Ideas at the University of National and World Economy.
He is also CEO of KC 2 Ltd and Board Chairman, founder and former (1993-2006) Executive Director of the Institute for Market Economics ( - the first Bulgaria’s independent and free market think tank.

In 1990-1991 he was a Member of Parliament and committee chairman of the Constitutional Assembly of Bulgaria, and was a principle drafter and leader of reforms from central planning to market economy.  Krassen Stanchev is one of the most quoted Bulgarian observers and was awarded Best Country Analyst for 1996 by Euromoney, Bulgaria Government Prize – 2002 (for contribution to democracy and civilsociety), Templeton – 2006 – as IME Director, and Georgi Vassilev’s Fund for Contribution to the Spirit of Liberty – 2006. He is also member of the Mont Pelerin Society and (as a director of IME) also a founder the Economic Freedom of the World Network.
His expertise in economics and regulatory policies contributed to private sector growth in Bulgaria, New Europe and Former Soviet Union.  Since 1990s he worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and Tajikistan), Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia), and Russia and Egypt, leading teams and/or being a subcontractor of EU, UN, USAID or the World Bank programs.
Krassen Stanchev’s most recent publication on the topic of his lecture is: WESTERNBALKANS & EASTERN EUROPE: REGIONAL INSTABILITY AND RESILIENCE TO EXTERNALSHOCKS (Provisional Impacts of the Situations in the EU, Euro-zone (includingGreek Crisis), EAU, Russia & FSU, Turkey and the Middle East): and he is an editor of the up-coming (September 31st) volume on “State-ownedenterprises (SOEs) from the Central East European perspective” of 4LIBERTY.EUREVIEW” No 7


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